Sunday, September 28, 2008


We don't know him much. He's just a 'far' relative..
He is a nice dog though doesn't seem smart really. But maybe we are wrong and he just doesn't show us who he is..


He was a hunting cat - he enjoyed staying out for a night and usually came back home in the morning to eat some food and get some sleep. He often had some fight with the neighbourhood stray cats and that was why he happened to suffer from quite frequent injuries. But he seemed not to care about it - well, who knows...

At the end of his life he needed serious treatment, he got sick really seriously. But the treatment didn't help. Poor Pimek left this world when he was about 10.


2007 - Pusia & Kaytek have a new friend.
Catherine is from IL , see the link on the right :).

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kaytek the Kitten

First days together

Pusia and Kaytek getting to know each other...

Pusia the model

She enjoys sitting under an umbrella....

Pusia four years ago

Pusia learned quickly she is loved and appreciated in our home. No need to be afraid.

Meet Kaytek :)

About a year later Pusia's stepbrother joined us. He was only 5 weeks old then. His previous owner didn't want him so we decided Pusia would have a companion. And so would we!
He was so tiny and fragile at that time....

He has been joyful, playful and quite prying since his very early days.

Meet Pusia :)

When Pusia came to us (about 4 years ago) she was quite a skinny and frightened cat. She hadn't been fed properly (if she had been given any food at all), sad thing but she had also been mistreated. She was so scared that she spent almost three days under the bathtub, we had to entice her with some food to get her out of there... She was two then.