Friday, March 11, 2016

Catherine Awaits Spring

Not only people long for the spring and warmer temperatures. Here is the message* sent by Janet, a dear friend of Illinois. As you can see, it seems Catherine, the cat, cannot wait till it gets warm for good..

'One of the things that lets us know that spring has actually arrived (besides a 70° day with open windows) is the daffodils showing up.  No, these are not yet from the yard, but from the store, but still… Catherine also had a busy day running from open window to open window and is quite ready to go to bed, once she has her picture taken.  :-)
Lovely Catherine: '(...) after dinner; her favorite thing to do as soon as the place mat is cleared is to sit on it :-)'

Catherine has been on our blog already. She is quite a peculiar cat - check out here:
Wishing you all a beautiful Spring!
May it fill your hearts with lots of sunshine and
may the enchantment of nature coming back to life again, make your days beautiful too.

* I am sharing it all with Janet's permission